Redeem Your BradyGames Saints Row IV Exclusive DLC Weapon with Skins

Thanks for purchasing the Saints Row IV Official Strategy Guide from BradyGames. As part of the purchase, there is a code printed in the back of the book to redeem the DLC weapon skins. This page describes the steps required to redeem the code.

*Please note that the code can be used only once.


Follow these steps to redeem your Weapon with Skins:

  1. Enter the code printed in the back of your Saints Row IV Official Strategy Guide in the “Enter Your Code” box below.

  2. Input your email address and platform of choice (PS3, Xbox 360 or Steam) and press the Submit button.

  3. Once entered, you will receive an email with a DLC code from your platform of choice.

  4. Visit Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Steam and follow the normal steps required to redeem DLC content.

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